Frustration Grows as Orlando International Airport Rental Car Backup Leaves Travelers Stranded and Disappointed


Customers at Orlando International Airport are facing a frustrating situation as they arrive to pick up their rental cars, only to be told that there are no vehicles available. Despite making reservations and paying for their rentals months in advance, these travelers are now left stranded and unsure of what to do next. This article will delve into the reasons behind this backup of rental cars and explore the experiences of the affected travelers.

Frustration at Orlando International Airport

Long Lines and Disappointment

Upon arriving at the rental car counters, customers are met with long lines and the disheartening news that there are no cars available for them. Hundreds of people have been left waiting for hours, with some even spending their second day in line. The frustration is palpable as families with children express their exasperation at the situation.

Forced to Seek Alternatives

With no rental cars available, these stranded travelers are left with no choice but to seek alternate transportation options. Many have resorted to taking Ubers or taxis to reach their hotels, all the while trying to figure out how to salvage their vacations. The inconvenience and unexpected expenses only add to their disappointment.

Customers Speak Out

Need for Transportation

Customers who have been affected by the rental car backup share their stories of frustration. Tammy Pelland, a traveler with eight people in her party, expresses her need for a large vehicle to accommodate her group. She, along with many others, had expected to have a rental car waiting for them upon arrival and now find themselves without a means of transportation.

Lack of Assistance

Customers like Darlene Ghents recount their unsuccessful attempts to seek assistance. Despite making reservations weeks in advance, they were unable to pick up their rental car as planned. The lack of help from rental agencies, both over the phone and online, has left them feeling stranded and helpless.

Uncertainty with Rebooking

After finally being able to rebook their rental car for the following day, Ghents remains apprehensive. The rental company informed her that there had been a mix-up in the booking process, resulting in a shortage of cars to accommodate all the reservations. This uncertainty leaves her unsure if she will actually have a car waiting for her the next day.

Rental Car Companies Involved

The rental car companies that seem to be most affected by this backup at Orlando International Airport are Hertz, Budget, Dollar, and Thrifty. These companies are particularly in demand and appear to have a shortage of vehicles available for the waiting customers.


Travelers arriving at Orlando International Airport with rental car reservations are finding themselves stranded and frustrated due to a shortage of available vehicles. Despite making reservations months in advance, customers are left waiting in long lines, seeking alternative transportation, and uncertain of when they will finally have a rental car. The affected rental car companies, including Hertz, Budget, Dollar, and Thrifty, have yet to provide an explanation for this situation. As travelers continue to navigate through this setback, they hope for a resolution that will allow them to enjoy their vacations without any further disruptions.

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