Top Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Accommodation Booking Sites for Responsible Tourism


If you’re looking to book eco-friendly and sustainable accommodation for your next trip, you may have noticed that traditional hotel booking sites often don’t have a focus on sustainability. However, there are several innovative startups and independent companies that are filling this gap in the market. By booking sustainable accommodation, you can vote with your wallet and support positive change for the environment and local communities. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the top eco-friendly and sustainable accommodation booking sites available.


Bookitgreen is a platform that brings together eco-friendly hotels and accommodations throughout Europe for sustainable travelers. Their accommodations range from cottages and organic farms to holiday homes and apartments. Each accommodation is rated based on sustainability criteria, such as energy-saving lighting and the use of ecological cleaning products. By staying in an accommodation listed on Bookitgreen, you can save about 6 kilograms of CO2 and 90 liters of water per night. The platform also plants a tree for each accommodation listed on its site.


Bookdifferent is a Dutch company that aims to make the travel industry more sustainable. They use the same database of hotels as but have added sustainability indicators. With Bookdifferent, you can browse one million responsible accommodations worldwide at an affordable price. They use eco-labels, a calculator, and a “staygreencheck” score to ensure that all accommodations are sustainable and eco-certified. The score is calculated based on four pillars of sustainability: effective sustainable management and compliance with the law, fair and equal treatment for employees and destinations, respect for local traditions, and taking care of the environment.


Wayaj is a sustainable travel platform that offers tools and resources to help travelers and tour operators make better ecological choices. They aggregate hundreds of eco-accommodations worldwide and score them based on seven criteria, including energy efficiency, waste management, and support for local communities. Wayaj also offers eco tools such as a carbon footprint calculator and a selection of projects for travelers to donate to.

Kind Traveler

Kind Traveler is a socially conscious hotel booking and media platform. By booking through Kind Traveler, travelers can positively impact the communities they visit by donating to a local charity. The platform partners with environmentally friendly hotels that promote individual wellness, sustainability, and community support. Travelers unlock exclusive hotel rates and perks by making a $10 nightly donation to a highlighted local charity or a charity of their choice.


Fairbnb is a cooperative accommodation booking platform that promotes and funds local initiatives and projects in Europe. For every booking made on Fairbnb, 50% of the booking fees are donated to a community project in the place you visit. Fairbnb works with local authorities to verify hosts and collaborates with stakeholders to define and prioritize social projects.

Regenerative Travel

Regenerative Travel brings together upscale, luxury eco-resorts from around the world. Each of their 53 Regenerative Resorts is selected based on their dedication to environmental and social impact. The resorts are assessed based on criteria such as conservation, community, and culture. Regenerative Travel also offers unique experiences tied to some of their resorts, such as visiting a cinnamon farm or releasing baby sea turtles.


Ecobnb is a platform dedicated to changing the way we travel. They offer a variety of eco-friendly accommodations, from bio hotels to treehouses. Each accommodation listed on the site must meet at least five of ten sustainability requirements. Ecobnb calculates the number of trees saved when you book with them, and guests can save an average of 8 kg of CO2 and 302 liters of fresh water per night.


EcoHotels is committed to sustainability and only works with hotels that are eco-certified. Each hotel listed on their platform has obtained Global Sustainable Tourism Council certification. EcoHotels is also dedicated to reforestation, increasing biodiversity, and removing plastic waste from oceans. They plant a tree for every booking made on their site and collaborate with Plastic Exchange Bali to fight plastic pollution.

Green Pearls

Green Pearls offers travelers unique green hotels from around the world. The eco-hotels listed on their site are chosen based on their sustainable initiatives and certifications. They offer a variety of environmentally friendly hotel types, including boutique hotels, wellness hotels, and wedding hotels. Green Pearls also focuses on supporting local communities and promoting responsible tourism.


socialbnb is a platform that connects travelers with social and ecological projects around the world. By staying in accommodations listed on socialbnb, travelers can support local projects in areas such as nature and animal protection, education, and equality. Each accommodation listed on the site must meet over 20 sustainability criteria, ensuring that they have a positive impact on the local community and environment.


When it comes to booking eco-friendly and sustainable accommodation, there are plenty of options available. Each of the sites mentioned in this article offers a unique approach to sustainable travel and provides a range of accommodations to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a luxury resort or a cozy homestay, you can find a sustainable option that aligns with your values. By choosing to book through these platforms, you can make a positive impact on the environment and support local communities. So, next time you travel, consider booking with one of these eco-friendly accommodation sites.